Sunday, July 11, 2021

Treasure Chest Overview - June 2021

I am.. alive! Not sure how vikings are supposed to deal with the melting sun but at some point in June I started having dreams about air conditioning. Also came to the conclusion that office is a way better place to work at with these temperatures. 

What have I been up to this month? Besides fighting the sun I enjoyed some stonehenge restoration work at my parents home. A rather unique, relaxing and creative work. I do recommend this but make sure the stones do not fall on your toes as it can hurt a lot (only tested on my brother)!

Regarding the investment portfolio I am starting to feel like the snowball was rolling quite well the past month. Psychologically I am prepared for this green era to end though.

35 degrees in Estonia they said..

Let's get to the numbers:

I feel like I have been missing a graph that is the most interesting for people after the Financial Freedom chalice so here it is - monthly overview of passive income. It is a sum of earned dividends, interest and capital gains (both realized and unrealized):

Passive income since the beginning of my investment journey a few years ago (11 273.64 €)

Some more interesting graphs to look at:

Portfolio distribution (83 859.55 €)

Networth (204 898.17 € (+0.63%))

Real estate: 114 000.00 € (0.00%)
The biggest proportion of my wealth is invested in the apartment I bought myself in the summer of 2017. It was appraised at 114 000 € back then. Perhaps by the end of the year this asset will be less than half of my networth?

Pension: 31 492.32 € (+3.65%)
My pension consists of  Estonian II pillar (20 192.25 €) and III pillar (11 300.07 €). Both have monthly automatic contribution directly from my salary and I max out my III pillar contributions at 15% of gross income.

Cash: 32 312.79 € (-4.75%)
I have a separate account for rainy days which is still a healthy 10 000 €. I am considering halving it to 5 000 € but it is a process as I need to get used to the idea of not having that much liquid assets to use in case life hits me in the face. The rest of this money is my savings/every day money that I either use or invest if there is too much of it laying round.

Crowd funding: 7 038.62 € (+0.70%)
Entirely invested in Mintos. Adding 300 € to the account every month in an automated fashion. Due to the timing of my previous post this number has only increased by the amount of interest earned. For a graphical overview check the end of this post.

Stocks: 4 467.98 € (+3.24%)
One of my first investments that is pretty evenly split between Tallinna Kaubamaja (TKM1) and Tallinna Sadam (TSM1). I plan on keeping these two for a long time having them as my small dividend income providers.

Index funds: 15 586.46 € (+9.49%)
Currently I am passively contributing 800 € every month to mutual funds. I am using LHV kasvukonto product to do it. Currently I am investing 100% of it into EXSA.

Crowd funding is probably one of the more fun ways of investing as something is happening every day: new investments, new interest cents and euros. Current state of my portfolio there:

Thank you for reading and we will cross paths again in a month if not sooner! 🍻